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DugOut Vintage is a Modern Outfitter of Quality Vintage, based in London Ontario, Canada. From starting operations out of Founder Cameron's mothers basement and then a spare room in a university house, DugOut has come along way, with their current storefront in Downtown London.

has established themselves as a leader in sustainable fashion, with customers worldwide and


DugOut Vintage is Founded

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DugOut aspires to be A Modern Outfitter of Quality Vintage. Committed to offer a transparent

Dugout Vintage

In light of trending Vintage Styled brands which lure many customers wtheVerified Vintage tag is a sign of authentication from Dugout Vintage to simplify your digital shopping experience for vintage pieces.



This Years - Vintage to Antique


Aaron's passion for timless styled pieces started at a young age. In 2014, his pursuit of one-offs saw him become a curator of unique pieces for an expanding Vintage community in London.

Aaron's interest in Vintage sneakers and there unique colourways attracted him to Vintage.

Aaron loves to discuss fashion, and the unique practiced of outfitters from the 80's & 90's. From stich style, to embrodierd hats, Aarons knowledge into textiles and seam styles has come along ways since looking for new fits at his local thrift store as a child.


all things 80s & 90s hip hop, metal, grunge, and everything standup comedy. My favourite shoes are hard to find colour ways that haven’t had many releases usually between 2000-2010.


From a young age Cameron was always looking for things that would make him standout. His eye for fashion has been refined throughout the years as started curating Vintage collections for other sellers. He has always known that he would like to spend his days appreciating design and aesthetics, and that calling has seen him mature as a curator of quality vintage.

His day-to-day at DugOut includes streamlining operations and building & designing.

While he usually does alot of the background work, you can see him working in-store on Thursdays.

Interests: his cat Loretta

DugOut Sustainable

Global Clothing consumption has doubled in the last 15 years, straining natural resource. At DugOut, there is a belief that Quality Vintage outfitting can help in the ongoing battle to combat global resource exploitation by offsetting water, land and emissions by limiting the demand for continued harvest of the natural resources needed to the

The ecological footprint of garment production takes its toll on our worlds natural resources; from land use to water consumption, the Quality of Vintage apparel can

T-Shirt - 2 700 L
Work Shirts - 3 000 L
Sweater - 5 000 L
Jeans - 10 000 L
Jean Jacket - 10 000 L

DugOut Vintage is collaborating with the grassroot organization, Forest Community, on the 10 MILLION Litre mission, where we aim to offset 10 000 000 litres of water through the sale of
"Seek thee out the diamond in the rough."